“Shelley’s” Story

8/31/2019 in Category

“Shelley” grew up in a small, rural town in Ohio. Over a five-year period she was trafficked by a pimp -- and members of her own family -- for drug money. She endured indescribable trauma... More

Why Does “Marlo” Love Gracehaven?

4/16/2019 in Category


“I love it there.”

“Marlo” was just 12 years old when she spoke those words about Gracehaven. During the early days with us she went to the hospital three times for self harm. And every... More

On This Journey Together

1/29/2019 in Category

By Carrie Smith
Community-based Case Manager
“Mary” has a long history of running away and being gone for months on end. She frequently spent her time on the run with dangerous men.... More

Adopted Into His Family

10/23/2018 in Category

By Samantha Arnold

This year for YFC’s annual summer high school missions/service trip we took four Gracehaven girls: two from the residential house and two from our community... More

“I Know There Is a God out There”

10/23/2018 in Category

“Beverly” came into our care at 17 years old as an emergency placement. She was actively being trafficked by her “boyfriend” who depended on her to buy and sell his drugs. He made her... More